Soft Opening

March 10th 2019

Soft Opening features four works, all directly positing an idiosyncratic relationship to the environments in which they were created. Made in a field in rural Vermont, inside of a closet in a Brooklyn apartment, in a fitness studio in Austin or directly on a platform, the works deftly navigate these different sites while gesturing towards alternative relationships between bodies and objects. Their temporary convergence outdoors amplify one another, presenting intimate actions here at full volume; out of which a newly synthesized and fluid space is described. Mimicking the verdant landscape with perforated cloth, finding comfort and control in the confinement of a dog cage, animating the inanimate by bathing a stone, inviting an audience to participate in a private moment—the artists in Soft Opening invoke inversions and contradictions to upend expectations of how a body negotiates space.  

Soft Opening Featured: Adrien Sun Hall, Peter Clough, Erica Nix, Virginia Lee Montgomery

Press Release

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Virginia Lee Montgomery

Stone Pony Cage, 2019

VLM presents a simple, gestural performance with Pony, a cage, and a stone. While speaking soothing words to Stone to bathe her and prepare her for bed, nearby Pony awaits to feed; Pony (the subconscious avatar of Business Witch) drinks dreams.


Peter Clough

Supernova (cage time), 2018

Digital thermal video with sound

6 hours, 12 minutes


Erica Nix

Pillow Humping, 2019



Adrien Sun Hall

Pastoral Desire, 2017
ripstop nylon, pastoral landscape, wind, sunlight, projected video


Photos by Ryan Thayer Davis