A Platform is a series of events and art installations organized by Partial Shade and Co-Lab Projects, centered around a physical platform built in an empty lot in East Austin. A Platform will provide a literal and conceptual space for emerging artists to share work and experiences and will provide artists and visitors an opportunity to experiment with new modes of relating to each other and their surroundings.


The structure for A Platform takes the form of a ramp gradually rising to a flat platform 2ft off the ground; this incline makes the platform more accessible to viewers and acts to undermine the established hierarchical relationship between performer and audience. This blurring of boundaries by an unusual, structural site from which to make and view art will encourage all involved to renegotiate their relationship with the physical and social space they are navigating.

A Platform is located at 5419 Glissman Road Austin, TX, 78702


'every day sugars : Siera Hyte and Diamond Stingily

June 22nd - July 13th 2019

Grounded in Culver PR image.png
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